Propelling  confidence and capability 

Hi, thanks for finding me here. I'm an ILM, Level 7 Executive Coach & Mentor, working with applied neuroscience & life Wisdom to support my clients through their personal and professional development.


At my core is a desire to bring practical and useful support to those I work with, helping them 'think it' and 'make it happen'.

For nearly two decades, I've worked with leaders and their teams to bring effective strategy and results, through improved confidence and capability.

Whilst I continue to serve corporate leadership development, I have an increasing number of direct coaching clients; most check in every quarter, some more frequently.

My background in recruitment and managing multi site sales teams continues to infuse my coaching sessions with a commercial and pragmatic edge, ensuring that our work together is not only insightful but also results-driven.

MY Services

What can I do for you?

Individual Coaching

Giving you time to think, making you ready to act. Working with private clients, or supporting wider in-house coaching or development programmes, I help you to solve problems, and propel action, through a genuine curiosity that drives the questions which help you get to the heart of the goal or topic you want to pay attention to.

Leadership Training

Giving practical guidance to effectively communicate, collaborate and inspire. My leadership training programmes have been developed and fine-tuned over my two decades in learning & development, bringing the most common topics and areas of concern to the discussion table. I can support first time managers, middle managers and C-Suite leaders. 

Sunrise Coaching

Helping individuals move forward with optimism and clarity when facing change. Life can throw us curve balls of different shapes and sizes, so when therapy has done its job or doesn't feel like the right fit, a safe environment to work through your options and get your game face back on could be just what you need.

Leadership Mentoring

We all benefit from sanity checking and another trusted perspective.! A mentor can help leaders tap into a structured review of recent situations or decisions made or prepare for something big coming along.

Helping you move in the right direction

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

Explore the depths of your own wisdom, unleash your true potential, and embrace positive, lasting change.

Let's do this!
”My heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support and guidance you have provided me over some challenging situations"

- Executive Coaching Client

”Sometimes I write you an email and then don't need to send it because I just think, what would Tracy say and then I have my solution! "

- Production Manager, Manufacturing

”Your support advice and guidance ever since we started working together has and continues to mean a great deal to me. We are lucky to have you on the team"

- Business Partner

”You are the only trainer we've ever had who has actually changed the way we do things!"

- Finance Director, Automotive


Work Approach

The definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviours and expecting a different result

Albert Einstein